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We Support our clients with all legal info while establishing a company in Turkey
We Support our clients with all legal info while buying properties in Turkey
We Support our clients with all legal and market info to invest in Turkey

Frequently Asking Questions

Is It Possible To Establish My Own Company In Turkey?
Yes, in fact, it is relatively easy to start your own business in Turkey. We offer our help to start your business in the most developing market in the area. Turkey's strategic location between Europe and Asia makes it a convenient hub for trading.
Establishing a company in Turkey gives you the right to issue a working permit as long as your company is up and running.
What Papers Do I Need To Establish A Company In Turkey?
You Just Need your Passport and personal photos and we will help you issue all needed documents from Turkey.
What Nationalities Can Buy A Property In Turkey?
in May 2012, a New law was issued by the Turkish government which lifted a large amount of these bans and opened the Turkish property market to nationals of more than 129 different countries.

There are still some nationalities cannot buy a property for special reasons issued by the government, and this is the list”

North Korea

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