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Frequently Asking Questions

Do I need to consulte a lawyer before i buy a property in Turkey?
It is very important to consult a lawyer before you buy a property in order to save your right and avoid fraud. A lawyer can check the legal status of the property and make sure you sign a contract that saves your rights and guide you through the process of transferring the ownership.
What is ``Citizenship for Investors``?
In 2018, The Turkish government made an amendment to the citizenship code allows investors to obtain Turkish citizenship if:
1. Investors buy a property(s) worth of 250,000 USD.
2. Deposite 500,000 USD in any Turkish bank for a period of 3 years.
What should i do if the construction company delayed the delivery of my property during to COVID-19 Pandemic?
You have the right to claim your money back (in most cases), please consult us for more details.